Friends, what a journey it has been to get to this sweet little company! My love for flowers began years ago while working as a wedding planner. Eventually, my husband and I purchased a VW single cab truck and turned it into a mobile flower shop where we sold fresh cut flowers by the stem and helped customers put together their own unique bouquets! I learned so much more about flowers during this time. I loved going to our suppliers to pick out what we'd stock the truck with each week and putting together different combinations of blooms and greenery. What I didn't love was having to toss out the beautiful flowers that didn't get purchased! So I started experimenting with pressing our leftovers and eventually began pressing bits and pieces of centerpieces and bouquets for brides. And that's how Press & Petal came to be! I feel so lucky to get to create meaningful pieces of art that celebrate our clients' unique styles and honor their most special memories.

Quianna Marie Photography

Quianna Marie Photography


I love being a Petalista alongside my beautiful wife Christine! I like to consider myself the "business" while Christine is the "creativity" behind Press & Petal.  If you email Press & Petal, it's likely me you'll hear from first. You won't find me actually creating any of your pieces because, well, we want you to actually like it! We both thoroughly enjoy working together and are so grateful that we get to help preserve timeless memories through our pressed flower pieces and also that we get to help create lasting memories during our Pressing Parties at our studio! While I have gained an incredible appreciation for the beauty of the flowers that we use, my favorite part is interacting with our clients. Seeing you happy, makes me happy!

Carson Hancock Photography

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